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I wanted that purse. Real bad. But I'm afraid to say that Louis Vuitton has lost it...big time. I survived the Murakami cherry blossom shit, I survived the stupid multicolor monogram stuff but I'm afraid that I will not survive LV's latest weirdness.

From a distance, this purse looks like a normal LV monogram...classic...tasteful...expensive. However, venture a little closer and open it up.

For some reason, the brain surgeons over at LV decided that it would be super cool if they lined the purse in some red felt shit that makes the purse looks like you opened a vein in it while searching for your keys.

All of the new monograms have it! In fact, while buying my new LV over the holidays, I had to get the last of the regular ones. This makes me mad. Really mad. Mad enough to jump the LV ship and switch exclusively to Prada or Dior? Ehh...not yet. But LV is creeping closer to bannination.

Even though it looks like shit, I'm sure Dooney & Bourke will be copying it shortly.


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