The Macy's Big Sale of Suck

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When I was growing up in the ghetto of Houston, Texas, every once in a while my mother would take us shopping at Macy's.

And oh, it was a big deal when we went to Macy's.

I remember, as a child, walking into Macy's and just being in awe of all the merchandise...the glittering chandelier...the well dressed women bustling about with their purchases...

Ah, to be able to look at Macy's with the eyes of a child again.

Frankly, now Macy's sucks. I wouldn't have even gone there tonight if they hadn't sent me a coupon announcing (cue loud booming voice) MACY'S BIG NOVEMBER SAAAAAAAAAAALE!

Well, so much for the BIG SAAAAAAAAAAALE because it didn't even look like one thing was on sale when I went there tonight. Plus, everything looked crappy. No big designers, if fact, the most couture thing they have there is H by Hilfiger and um, that's not very couture at all.

So I've hit Nordstroms and Macy's and they were all busts...

Next up, the Saks and Neimans sales or "or shopping for designer crap in the company of the bitchiest, snootiest sales girls on earth".


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