Edible Undies

So I'm walking back from the bank and the Metro Center H&M today when I spy a black marquee on G Street. I'm kinda far away and the sun is kinda in my eyes, but I can make out the word "FONDUE".

Score, a fondue place downtown! So I skulked down G Street to check it out...

Yeah, its not a fondue place but some frenchie lingerie place called Corp de Foundre or something like that. Seems high end, Cosabella thongs lining the window.

I will check it out some more next week.


Blogger Bee said...

Correction from the peanut gallery, who happened to be a geeky French major -- it's coup de foudre, which means bolt of lightening...in your crotch, apparently.

November 5, 2004 at 8:23 PM  

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