You'll never get a massage in this town again

So I treated myself to a massage on Tuesday. John Edwards was going to be on TV and I wanted to be totally relaxed to watch him debate Darth Cheney. I was kind of hoping for Cheney to get real angry and go all Mike Tyson on him and bite his ear off. That didn't happen, but John Edwards did look hot. But my point is this, I got a massage.

I went to the new (ok, new to me) Aveda Jouvance Spa in Pentagon City. I usually go to Elizabeth Arden (also in PC) but they are currently on my banned list for their crappy service and high prices.

The massage was GREAT. Of course, being me, I had to totally ruin the experience. When I was getting dressed, I tripped and knocked over an entire table filled with spa oils and *eek* candles. Now I tripped because I was trying to pull on my underwear and it got wrapped around the heel on my shoe and I fell over. Note to self: Put underwear on before putting heels on. The massage therapist came in and was like "omg are ok?!?". I was, but there was candle wax all over the walls and the floor.

So if that wasn't bad enough, when I finally got dressed, I went to go pay at the cash register which was downstairs. Yup, I tripped and fell down the stairs. All the snooty spa biatches there were cracking up. I can't really blame them because I'm sure I looked hilarious spread eagle at the bottom of the stairs, smelling like a giant peppermint candy cane with the line of the face cradle on my face.

I'm probably on their banned list now.


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