A letter, between friends

Dear Bee,

I owe you an apology. Well, sort of.

You see, when you bought your fUGGS at Tar-jay, I was kinda like OMG WTF, I'm not going to be friends with her anymore, she is SUCH a trend whore.

But, Bee, we've been friends a while now and I'd like to think our friendship runs deeper than leather and faux shearling. In fact, I've had my own fair share of trend whoring (*ahem* juicy *ahem*) and you've stood by me.

So Bee, imagine my surprise this weekend, when I was shopping at the new Tar-jay and came upon the fUGGS. Bee, I want you to know, I bought them and now I must stick my fUGG covered foot in my mouth because I love them.

So Bee, I'm sorry.



P.S. the fUGGS are on sale for $15.
P.P.S. tar-jay does price adjustments for 14 days


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