Um, yeah...so while God was creating all that jazz...

...he was also busy creating things like credit card debt and making other things in life (rent, tuition, etc.) way too expensive for a peon like myself to be able to actually enjoy the shopping part. My lack of funds never deters me from shopping, mind you, but it does increase the guilt factor exponentially.

As Lil said, we are both bargain and brand name whores. Can the two co-exist? Such are the questions of life...but we are determined to make the two meet whenever possible. Mostly though, Lil gets to buy the designer stuff while I am relegated to coveting it all.

At the moment I am in a state of complete shopping depression. Fall is always my favorite clothes and makeup season...but at the moment my large load of credit card debt precludes me from participating in the rush to get all the new beautiful purple argyle sweaters and tweed coats and silky scarves out there. Cruel shopping gods, why do you torment me so?

And Lil, I will never forgive you for shopping at A&F. It's just not done. Unless you're LilmissBritney Spears -- then and only then can you wear the same tired, ratty, nasty, tore-up miniskirt day in and day out while traipsing in and out of public bathrooms barefoot. Oh, the shame!


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