Never mind the metro lines...the best of fashion lies west of Vienna

It is amazing but the further west on I-66 (assuming traffic is moving) you go, the more 'in style' your old highschool sweat pants (stains an' all) become - in distant places they are the height of fashion. Philly ain't got nothin' on Culpeper!

So today's dilemma is makeup. Since the material angels introduced BE into my life I have been unable to function the way I used to - now I constantly think about my next discounted purchase. Now I hear you say "that's not really much of a dilemma!" but alas an important part of the story is missing. I don't wear makeup - so what's up with the obession? All I can say is "this is just nutz!"

Welcome to my world - http://www.ebaumsworld.com/celeb.html


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