In the beginning, God created the heavens, the earth and the mall.

Look, I'll be the first to admit that "Material Girls" is not the most original name for a blog. In fact some Spanish chicks had this name before my partner in shopping, Beelicious, somehow usurped the name from their control. But it was the best I could think of under the circumstances Let me tell you a little bit about circumstances, more specifically, how this whole blog thing came about.

I shop. Alot. More than alot. My favorite hobby is shopping. My favorite excercise is walking around the mall. If I'm not at work or (yuck) school, then there's a pretty good chance I am at, not necessarily the mall but someplace where they sell clothes. It's a sickness, an addiction of the worst kind.

I was kind of hoping that this blog would be therapy, kind of like a confessional of a shopaholic. The best way to get through therapy is to have someone to go through it with you.

Enter Beelicious.

Beelicious is very much like me in the area of shopping. I don't think she would mind me saying that we are bargain and brand whores. The weird thing is that Beelicious and I rarely ever shop together. I think that's a function of this binge-on-clothes-purge-my-bank-account addiction.

So yesterday, I skipped class and went to the mall and blew a whole wad of cash at Abercrombie & Fitch. I hate A&F. I was feeling quite guilty for shopping at A&F and I got a stern reprimand from Beelicious for not attending class. So I knew this shopping addiction had to stop. Shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch was the last straw.

We had talked about doing this blog before but today was the first day that we actually did something about it. The first thing we needed was a catchy name. Alright, "Material Girls" is not the catchiest name ever but it just so happens to be the ring on my new cellphone and when I got an email from Beelicious this morning about the blog, my cellphone rang. (No one exciting, just my mom)

And thus, a blog about shopping was born, no matter how uncool, unoriginal or unfunny it may be.


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