Go Sho'-ty, it's yo' berfday!

Thanks for the intro, 50! Happy birthday to ME! I am much, much older now. Too old. I cringe when I say my new age. And while it isn't old by any means, it still feels old to me. It's the slow but inevitable death of my mid-20s, and I don't want my 20s to diiiiieeee! Anyway -- I am celebrating this non-milestone by being here at work and by going to class tonight. The only bright point in this mandatory plan is getting to see Lil and Coast for an hour and 15 minutes during our one and only class together. The downside is that I will be...at.......law school -- gah!

But the fun part about birthdays is getting presents. So my boyfriend (whom we will lovingly call Koprah/the Sports Guy) got me the digital camera of my dreams (which is why he will continue to be called (K)Oprah, because in his 26th season (take THAT, Oprah!) he is making your wildest dreams come true!), which hopefully will be put to good use on this site. And the girls, Lil and Coast, got me a bevy of awesome Bare Escentuals eyeshadows, which I cannot thank them enough for. Except that they are really the ones who should be thanking me for bringing the BE love over from the west coast! And I thank them profusely for not buying my iPod its very own hoodie, since my iPod is especially picky about her clothes. And my bestest friend from the old skool dayz in Cali got me a subscription to Real Simple, which is like seriously the 5th Real Simple gift subscription I have received...but I love that magazine to death, so it's all good. Keep on teaching me how to clean and cook, bitches!


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