Bonfire of the Vanity Sizing

I need new jeans. I mean I don't need new jeans because I have like 10 pair but I really, really, really want new jeans.

I've wanted some 7's for forever but they are $158 and they are too long. Now I know I could get them altered, but for $158 I want jeans that fit properly without the added expense of alterations. Hell, I have an entire suit that cost less than $158 (bought on sale from the now banned Express).

Anyways, I went to the Dulles Town Centre Mall (which is approximately 23 miles from my house). DTCM is a great mall because it is always empty. It is like having your own personal mall. DTCM is also very close the Wegmans, which is the greatest grocery store on earth.

Now I tried on two pairs of jeans. The first pair was from Old Navy. The size 6 pair literally fell off me. I needed a 4. Now, look, I'm not a size 4. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I'm not even really a 6.

Ok so then I went to Nordstroms and, by passing the 7s, tried on a pair of Lucky Brand jeans. I needed a 10!!!!! And honestly, I almost passed out trying to button them up so I really should have gone for the 12.

I've noticed that vanity sizing has gotten a lot worse in recent seasons. I have no clue what size I am, it seriously varies from store to store. I just want consistent sizing. Call it a 6, a 38, a 212, an L...whatever, just make it consistent across stores!


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